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Al Ghazali institute for islamic learning


Al Ghazali institute is a muslim society that aims at promoting the learning of the Deen of Allah according to the four traditional madhhab of Ahl as-sunna wal Jama`a in Sweden. The society emphasises the practice of the sacred knowledge and the adaabs related to learning and da`wa. It derives its inspirationfrom the pious predecessors; the companions may Allah be pleased with them, the followers and those who followed their footsteps among all generations may Allah have mercy on them, in aspects related to the ways they learned, understood and practiced the Deen.



  1. To deepen the knowledge of muslims in Quran, Sunna, Beliefs (Aqida), Jurisprudence (Fiqh), and Ihsan (Tasawwuf), though emphasising the importance of the practice of the three parts of the Deen (Islam, Imaan and Ihsan).
  2. To establish an islamic model of learning according to the four sunni schools of jurisprudence (madhahib) in Sweden
  3. To promote understanding of the teaching of Islam in the swedish society



This website contains articles and texts related to the three aspects of the Deen in the swedish language. However, we would like to offer our english speaking visitors a number of reliable websites organized a way that would -inshallah- help the sincere seeker of knowledge to get an overview of what is important to learn and practice in order to improve ones state of iman.


The beliefs of Ahl as-sunna wal Jama`a:


Jurisprudence (Fiqh): The four madhabs of Ahl as-sunna


Ihsan – Spiritual aspect of islam: